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Welcome to the

Three and Four Year Old Class

Ms. Alex and Ms. Jocelyn- Classroom Teachers
Ms. Evelin and Ms. Ruth also help facilitate the learning aspects in the classroom.

Please have your child here no later than 9:00 am.


Daily Schedule

Morning Snack

Learning Circle

Story Time

Center Time

Crafts every

Getting children in a good daily routine is essential for their learning success. The two-year-old classroom incorporates a behavior chart. Every child begins on green each day, if your child has warnings or timeouts their clip will move down for the day.


Please be sure to check your child's behavior for the day. The behavior chart is located in the room by the door.



  • Make sure your child brings their daily lunch

  • Has at least two sets of weather appropriate clothes at the daycare.

  • A refillable water bottle is allowed for your child,

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